Commercial terms

GSA LLC offers Storage Services through a transparent and non-discriminatory capacity allocation procedure to be published by the Provider at this Storage Portal and in accordance to the Storage Access Conditions available on the page “DOWNLOADS”.

You may book if available* the following individual types of Bundled Products:

Short GSApack for 1 Storage Year
Mid GSApack for 5 Storage Years
Long GSApack for 13 Storage Years

Each Bundled Unit of any Bundled Product consists of the following parameters in the following relation:

Working Gas Volume 1000 m3
Injection Capacity 0,43 m3/hour
Withdrawal Capacity 0,43 m3/hour

There is a minimum order quantity for each Bundled Product as follows:

Short GSApack 5000 of Bundled Units
Mid GSApack 5000 of Bundled Units
Long GSApack 30000 of Bundled Units

The Bundled Products are offered at the following basic Storage Fees:

STORAGE FEE (EURO per Bundled Unit per Storage Year)
Short GSApack Auction price
Mid GSApack Auction price
Long GSApack Basic storage fee 50€ subject to yearly indexation

The basic Storage Fee for Bundled Products Long GSApack and Mid GSApack as contracted shall be adjusted every Storage Year of the Storage Period in accordance with the formula defined in Article 7 of the Storage Specification available at this Storage Portal on the page “DOWNLOADS”.
You can book if available* Unbundled Products offered as GSApack Add option in addition to contracted Bundled Products only for a fixed Storage Period of 1 Storage Year.

The Unbundled Products offered as GSApack Add option are expressed in Unbundled Units with the following parameters each:

Working Gas volume Unit 1000 m3


Injection rate Unit 0,43 m3/hour


Withdrawal rate Unit 0,43 m3/hour

There is a minimum order quantity for Unbundled Products as follows:

GSApack Add - Working Gas volume 5000 of Unbundled Units

The price for Short GSApack as well as GSApack Add products is determined every year by the results of the Auction in accordance with the relevant General Terms and Conditions for the public Capacity Allocation Procedure as published on the storage portal at on the page "DOWNLOADS"


All Storage Services offered by the Provider with regard to the Storage Facility are limited by the Injection and Withdrawal Parameters applicable for the Storage Facility.

The following Injection and Withdrawal Parameters shall apply to the Storage Facility:

Injection Parameters

Withdrawal Parameters

* For preliminary information on availability, please, see “STORAGE SERVICES”.